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2021 - Inside Talk with the Detroit Film Kids!

Hosted & Produced By Takiyah Mabene & Gabriella Paige

"Inside Talk with the Detroit Film Kids" was created during the COVID 19 - pandemic as a way for the FILM KIDS to still be able to create content.   
**Watch Episodes Below**

"Inside Talk w/The Detroit Film Kids" Tasha Smith Interview

Check out this Tasha Smith interview with the Detroit Film Kids as she hints around to her visiting Detroit and being the Director of the NEW! 2021 Starz Series BMF, a true story about a Detroit Crime Family. 

BMF Series.jpeg

**FUN FACT:  Following this AWESOME INTERVIEW, Tasha Smith Donated $500 to each of the Detroit Film Kids Interviewers!!  We were SO SURPRISED!!!!!!!  Thank You Tasha!! WE LOVE YOU!!** Be sure to check out her Online Acting school TSAW Online!!! - She is AHHHHMAZING!!


Click Here for TSAW Online

"Inside Talk w/The Detroit Film Kids" Wesley Johnson Interview

"Inside Talk w/The Detroit Film Kids" Zaytoven Interview

"Inside Talk w/The DFK" Sean Willam Cunningham Interview

Michigan, Florida & Georgia

During the Pandemic the Detroit Film Kids extended an invitation to youth across the US.  Young Filmmakers from Michigan, Florida & Georgia ALL participated in the Online Zoom Interviews!! It was AMAZING!!!  The Youth were able to ask questions and talk directly to Industry Professional!!

2020 - Selection for 3 Film Festivals!!!

"Why Bully Me?"  The Movie 

Gary International Film Festival.png

A Great Film for ANY Anti Bullying Campaign

The Detroit Film Kids ran into issues filming WHY BULLY ME? on their 1st try; there was a robbery and ALL OF THIER FOOTAGE was stolen! The ORIGINAL WHY BULLY ME? was stolen!  They were still successful with completing this AWESOME PROJECT the following year.  Filming it in 6 hours!!!   Why Bully Me? went on to be accepted into 3 Film Festivals.  With showings outside of the United States in London, England!  WAY TO GO Detroit Film Kids - You ROCK WORLDWIDE!

 "Let's Make A Movie" Workshop 
is Now The Detroit Film Kids, Inc. 

2012 - 2014 - Let's Make A Movie Workshop

Years before the Detroit Film Kids existed, our Director, Sareta Cheathem held a Filmmaking Workshop entitled "Let's Make A Movie" at Hamtramack High School during their H.O.P.E. After School Program!!   The students came up with their own take on a HORROR MOVIE that they entitled BLACKOUT!! Each was given a copy of their film project on a DVD to commemorate the 1st time they MADE A MOVIE!! !!  But you can watch it below!! Check it out!!  #MsCheathemLoveTheKids

 With Musical Score by TRICK TRICK 

"BLACKOUT"  The Movie 

Article in Hamtramck Review
about "Blackout" 

 Written, Produced and Directed by Hamtramck High School Students  

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